Apple Device Enrollment

Apple Device Enrollment lets you automate the initial setup and configuration of your device, including enrollment in to Mobile Device Management (MDM). This is especially useful when configuring Apple devices en-masse.

An example workflow would be:

  1. Organisation purchases Apple technology for it’s staff, providing GBM with their Customer Device Enrollment ID
  2. GBM enable new devices for Apple Device Enrollment
  3. Organisation’s IT team uses Apple Device Enrollment to pre-configure the entire enrollment process for users, including enrollment in to MDM, and assignment of apps/content required

In this instance, the IT team would never need to open the device, or even touch the box. The end user can receive the device directly, and when they power it on for the first time, it will automatically enrol, and pull down any settings, apps, and content required. This is what is often referred to as a ‘Zero-Touch’ deployment.

How do I access Apple Device Enrollment?

To access Apple Device Enrollment, your organisation simply needs to register for a free Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account. Once live, Apple will assign your organisation an Apple Device Enrollment ID (also known as a customer ID).

How do I enable my Apple devices for use for Apple Device Enrollment?

When purchasing Apple devices, such as Mac, iPhone, or iPad from an Apple Device Enrollment authorised supplier, such as GBM, you will simply need to provide a copy of your customer ID alongside your order. You will also need to Add our Reseller ID in to your Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager environment. You can do this by logging in and selecting Settings > Device Management Settings > Reseller ID. Our Reseller ID is 2688490

Once we have your order and your Device Enrollment ID, we will submit your Device Enrollment ID and our Apple Reseller ID to Apple. This essentially creates a trust, activating your new Apple devices for use with Apple Device Enrollment.

How do I use Apple Device Enrollment to help deploy devices?

Once your devices have been enabled for use with Apple Device Enrollment, you can start to deploy them. Simply log in to your Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account, and select ‘Device Assignments’. Next, copy and paste the serial numbers of your new Apple devices.

Once done, in the ‘Choose an Action’ section of the page, select ‘Assign to server’. Finally, in the next drop-down box, select the Mobile Device Management server you wish to assign the devices to. Once your new Apple devices turn on, they will now activate against Apple Device Enrollment, and force enrol in to your Mobile Device Management system (make sure you have created a DEP profile in your MDM system, so that your new devices are correctly configured once they are enrolled in your MDM).

I haven't linked my MDM to my account...

​If you haven’t linked a Mobile Device Management system, simply choose ‘Settings -> Device Management Settings -> Add MDM Server’.

How can GBM support with Apple Device Enrollment

We support business and schools set up and configure their Apple Device Enrollment environment for the first time, so that devices can easily be added and assigned for management without any further configuration required. If you would like to learn more about our technical services, please contact our specialist teams.

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