Syncfinity: Classroom Solutions

The ultimate subscription and buyback solution.

syncfinity is designed to help schools access the latest technology, while also getting the most from your budgets.

Our solution combines a buyback and recycle option, with a cost-effective subscription service, to unlock the value in your old tech and allow you to afford new products.

syncfinity is a simple process designed to take the stress and heavy cost implications away from keeping your IT up-to-date.


Are you struggling to keep your schools technology up-to-date?

We know that you need access to the latest technology so that teachers can prepare students for the world of work.

We understand that funding this technology can be a challenge for some schools and means you are left with old technologies that are not fit-for- purpose after a few years.


• You can spread the cost of the latest technology over two or three years

• Flexible payment terms which suit your school budgets

• Predictable monthly / quarterly payments so you can plan IT spend

• Hardware, software and services can be bundled to save on the cost

• Fewer maintenance problems, thanks to newer equipment and warranty cover


Unlock the value of your old technology

At GBM we understand that having value locked up in ageing technology can be a headache, that’s why we created our syncfinity Buyback and Recycle scheme.

Whether it is Apple or other brands, we work to give you the best possible value back on those devices, releasing money back into your school’s budget.


• We will buyback your old devices and free up the value locked in them.

• Your ageing technology goes to classrooms in schools around the world, not landfills.

• We break down and recycle technology that cannot be re-purposed.

• We provide legal paperwork to prove the technology was destroyed.

• All devices are cleansed to Data Protection (2018) and GDPR standards.

• If your technology holds no residual value, we will still collect them at no cost to you.*

Choose what works for you...


Unlock the value in your tech with our syncfinity Buyback + Recycle


Give your students access to new tech with our syncfinity Subscription


Enjoy the full syncfinity solution - let us buyback your current tech and provide a new suite of products on subscription

  1. *subject to approval.

  2. **Free collection of technology available for 20+ devices, for less than 20 devices we operate a return-to-base service. We are currently unable to dispose of or recycle CRT monitors within this service.

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