Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning is our programme to take schools from a few iPads to one iPad per child (1:1). We have seen that personalising the learning experience for every student in the classroom is the most engaging approach for them before this would have been an impossible task for a teacher but the iPad has allowed this to happen. Setting a task and giving students the option to create work in a way that works for them. For some students this might be writing it down, for others, it might be creating a podcast, for someone else it might be creating an animation. Each approach is valid and enables that student to shine in their way. iPad is just a tool to enable great teaching and learning to occur.

At the centre of any iPad scheme needs to be a vision and clearly communicated plan that everyone in the school is signed up to. We have experience of helping schools achieve this and would love to work with you to make it your reality, and as an Apple Solution Expert for Education there’s nothing about Apple we don’t know.


To be part of this programme you need to have already adopted iPad to some level in your school. We will provide you with all the tools, resources, and training required to implement a personalised learning experience via 1:1.