1:1 & Personalised Learning

In almost every educational institution, business, and even our daily routine, technology has become entrenched at a fundamental level. However, there can be challenges to getting the most out of technology in the school environment when 20 devices are shared amongst 200 students.

Our Personalised Learning programme provides your school with the perfect solution when looking to scale to one device per student (1:1).

What outcomes could you see from a 1:1 approach in your school:

  • Improved student learning, by implementing technology that supports student’s skills, interests and learning styles
  • All students have access to content, tools, and resources out of school thanks to the equitable nature of our scheme
  • Increased feedback and assessment opportunities between student and teacher

Key Features



Deliver equitable access to technology within your school and provide your students 24/7 access to learning.



Simple and straightforward wireless management means you can easily add content and apps to your pupil’s iPad.


Cost Neutral

As part of our Personalised Learner programme, we have established ways of financing 1:1 device deployments in a way that is cost neutral to your school.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • 1. Planning for Success

    The first thing to do is determine your vision and plan. We can arrange visits for you to Schools who have already deployed a Personalised Learner programme that way you can talk to peers that have already started their journey. Our Education Consultants will conduct a strategic planning session where we will jointly build a Vision and Plan for the programme. This will be the framework and timeline for the whole project.

  • 2. Infrastructure and School Readiness

    While we create the Vision and Plan, it is important that we consider all the technical elements that will be needed. We will look at everything from your school network, to integration with your current systems.

  • 3. Community Engagement

    Now that you have your vision, understand your technical requirements and have a timeline for the programme, its time to consult with the larger School Community. This can often be one of the most important elements of the programme and maybe the most challenging but don’t worry we will always be there to support you and wider community of parents, Governors etc.

  • 4.Financial sustainability

    Having one device per student sounds like a fantastic idea but having to finance such a scheme would be difficult, if not impossible for most schools. We have built financing options for the Personalised Learner programme, which can, in some cases, even make these projects cost neutral to your school.

  • 5.Staff Development and Mentoring

    Rolling out devices on this scale can be daunting so we can provide you with a comprehensive CPD programme, mapping out lesson plans and activities against your units of study and school development plan, making sure everyone feels confident in the classroom.

Case Studies

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iPad in Secondary

iPad in Secondary
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iPad in Secondary
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