Digital Assessment

Teachers can save time marking, streamline planning and give students deeper, more meaningful feedback with digital tools on iPad. We provide everything that a school would need to achieve this in a class, including coaching from our fully qualified teachers to develop a suitable CPD plan.

What outcomes could you see from Digital Assessment

in your classroom(s):

  • An improved learning environment for both students and teachers.
  • All students have access to content, tools, and resources out of school thanks to the equitable nature of our scheme
  • Increased feedback and assessment opportunities between student and teacher

Key Features


Time Management

Teachers are saving 4.5 working hours per week.



Streamlined marking and feedback through the provided tools.



Our fully qualified teachers can work with you to develop a CPD plan.

Highlights of Digital Assessment

  • Enriched communication and feedback

    Whether it’s using online forums for the entire class or small groups for class discussions, online forums encourage students to communicate. Not all students are comfortable speaking up in class, and online forums can give shy students a platform to express themselves without the added pressure of speaking in front of the entire class.

  • Advanced annotation tools

    Marking your students work has never been so simple, through Digital Assessment there are multiple ways to annotate documents including:

    Pen tool, Comment tool, Voice note tool, Text tool, Grading tool and Portfolio.

  • Technology Importance

    "The importance of technology in education is really so our children can access the best tools and materials in the here and now."

    "Our children can very independently decide on how they want to present their learning.. Also allows us to do things that previously wasn't possible."

    - Zainab Patel, Olive Tree Primary School.


  • GBM work with Showbie to provide schools with a world-class set of assessment tools. Showbie provides teachers to instantly distribute documents and documents, images, instructions and comments to your entire class, a group of people or individual students. By adopting Showbie, and moving to a digital assessment environment, schools can save time, money and paper. Furthermore, Showbie helps teachers to simplify the entire end-to-end process of workflow management between teachers and students (from assignment of work, through to marking and assessment, and providing students with feedback). Want to learn more about Showbie? Speak to GBM about getting started today.

  • At GBM, we understand that schools are multi-platform, and that each school has it’s own individual ways of working. That’s why we work with schools to consult on their technology environments, taking in to account the way teachers and students work, and the types of technology that are used in the school. As part of this work, we will ensure that the asessment tools and workflows provided are compatible with your exisiting technologies, as well as working with you to create a sustainable technology plan for the future.

  • When adopting new technologies in to your school, we know that creating the right professional development strategy for your staff is key. Our fully-qualified teachers will work with your staff to build new workflows for assessment, and train your staff on how to use the assessment tools provided. Through professional development we can support teachers in their use of Showbie, giving them the confidence to utilise the tools available to them.

Case Studies

Assessment with iPad
Assessment with iPad

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