Curriculum Mentor

Curriculum Mentor is our programme to get schools on track with the computing curriculum. Since the launch of the new core subject area in 2014 schools across the country have had to adapt. While the curriculum is somewhat vague, there are a set of essential elements that schools must explore with their students and the Curriculum Mentor programme aims to help teachers with this.

According to a study carried out by ‘European Schoolnet’, 90% of European jobs require ICT skills, and yet there will be 900,000 unfilled ICT positions in the EU by 2020 [1]. Children in primary schools now have never known the world without the internet or personal computers, and the youngest in school haven’t known the world without smartphones and iPad. To this generation technology is a fundamental part of their lives and incorporating it into the classroom makes sense.


To be part of this programme you need to have already adopted iPad or Mac (minimum of ten devices). We will provide you with all of the tools, resources, and training required to implement the computing curriculum with iPad in your school. We will take students from Foundation to KS2 and cover all three components of the curriculum; computer science (CS), information technology (IT) and digital literacy (DL). If this sounds like you, then our Curriculum Mentor programme could be right for you. Working together, we can enable you to take control of the iPad devices in your school in 3 easy steps. Making sure that technology isn’t a barrier to you achieving your vision.