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Curriculum integration and CPD is key when it comes to adopting iPad in your school. If you cannot see a clear path to supporting and enhancing both curriculum delivery and student learning through the use of technology, then it becomes difficult to justify the use and realise positive outcomes.

Curriculum Mentor is our programme to help schools integrate Apple technology into their curriculum.

Our Curriculum Mentor programme helps schools to successfully and sustainably embed technology into their everyday practices. Our teachers will work with your school to create and deliver against a comprehensive CPD plan, which includes:

  • Identification of vision and direction of learning
  • Mapping and integration into the curriculum
  • Lesson delivery and evaluation, through modelled lessons
  • Consolidation training, and sharing examples from within your school
  • Guidance on future direction and planning

Key Features


Tailored CPD Plan

We tailor your schools CPD plan around your Vision for Learning, and focus on the key areas of improvement, as outlined in your school development plan.


Curriculum Integration

Working with your Key Stage Leads, we will map out a curriculum integration and delivery plan, based on your current units of study. We will also identify some lessons for delivery by our teachers as modelled lessons.


Modelled Lessons

Modelled lessons are an incredibly powerful form of CPD. Our teachers construct lesson plans based on current requirements, and deliver the lessons with your students. Providing your staff with the opportunity to observe or participate.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • 1. Vision for Learning

    Before we can start creating a CPD plan for your school, it is essential that we understand more about your Vision for Learning and the direction of the school. During our initial meeting, we will look to explore: What are your main areas of focus in the school?,What is your measurement for success? & How do see the role of technology in your school?

  • 2. Curriculum Integration

    During this programme, we will work with your Key Stage and Subject Leads, mapping out your curriculum and looking for opportunities to integrate technology where it will enhance engagement and learning. This approach can prove especially beneficial in subject areas where students are struggling to engage with the content and subject matter.

  • 3. Modelled Lessons

    We find that CPD is most effective when delivered in a real classroom environment. When we run our modelled lessons, we will take on the responsibility of delivering a specific lesson in your classroom, with your students. You will receive copies of all lesson plans and resources we create as part of these lessons. Our modelled lessons give you the perfect opportunity to observe a lesson or support in the delivery. Over time, this will transition across, to our teachers supporting and observing your delivery, providing feedback, advice, and guidance.

  • 4. Consolidation Training

    Once we have delivered modelled lessons with some teachers and students across the school, we find that consolidation training can be an incredibly useful way of sharing the work that everyone has been doing. This approach typically takes the form of a guided session, with teachers sharing their experiences, as well as examples of work, and any outcomes resulting from their lessons.

  • 5. Future Direction and Planning

    At the end of the programme, GBM will create a written report detailing the outcomes of the Curriculum Mentor CPD programme, providing your school and teacher with the advice, guidance, and next steps needed to progress things further. We will then meet with you to talk through the report, build out a plan for the future, and explore any elements in more detail.

Case Studies

Developing CPD with iPad
Developing CPD with iPad

Developing CPD with iPad
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Developing CPD with iPad
iPad in Secondary - How the Partnership Works

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