Buyback & Recycle

Do you have ageing technology in your school? GBM can help schools to repurpose devices, extend their life, or release the value in their ageing hardware.

Our Buyback & Recycle programme has been designed to help you release capital from your ageing tech.

Whether it is iPad, Mac, or other technology, we aim to give you the best possible value back on your devices, releasing money from your old capital purchases, back into your school’s budget. Where your old tech has no value, we can offer a free collection and recycling service*.

Buyback & Recycle

We aim to reuse or re-purpose all technology we buy back or collect, per the WEEE directive. Where devices cannot be re-purposed, we will break them into components, and recycle them. Inline with the European Union and Environmental Protection Act, we ensure that no part of any device collected goes to a landfill site.

Key Features


Release Capital

Where your device holds residual value, we can buy it back, freeing up money to spend on other things.


WEEE Compliant

We work with repurposing and recycling specialists, helping us to ensure that all hardware is reused or recycled in line with the WEEE directive.


Certificate of Disposal

On completion of buyback or recycling, you will receive a certificate of device and data destruction.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • 1. Assessing Your Estate

    To assess your ICT estate, we will simply need an asset list of devices and serial numbers, as well as some brief detail of condition. Our team will then get you the best buyback price for your devices, and provide you with a quotation.

  • 2. Free Collection

    Once you approve your devices for buyback, we will arrange free collection for you. There is no minimum requirement for free collection, and we can provide this service regardless of whether it is one device, or 1,000. Where we assess your technology, and there is no residual value available, we will offer to collect and recycle your devices at no cost (minimum 20 devices).

  • 3. CheckMEND Anti-Theft Database

    Whenever we receive a device for buyback, we run it through the CheckMEND database, to verify that it has not been reported as ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ just a precautionary step to protect everyone involved.

  • 4. Device Checks

    Once verified in CheckMEND, we will run the devices through an assessment process. During this process, we check that all of the devices are as described, verify the condition, and check that everything is working. We will then contact you with our findings, and confirm that you would like to continue. If at this stage, you would like your devices returned, we will do this free of charge.

  • 5. Payment & Certificates

    When we have the go-ahead, we will process the buyback with you. We will also be able to issue you with a certificate of disposal, and certificate of data destruction for your records.

  1. ​* for 20+ devices, excludes CRT monitors

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