Transform your Business with Mac

Rolling Macs out across your business will not only reduce your IT costs but also free your employees to work in more efficient and innovative ways.

The rise of Apple’s popularity among consumers thanks to iPhone and iPad have rolled over into businesses. Employees want to be able to use the same technology at work as they do at home.

Employees in your organisation are probably already using iOS devices in addition to their PCs to complete their daily tasks.

Just think, how many iOS devices do you have on your network?

Switching from PC to Mac can result in considerable benefits to your organisation, we have seen it with other partners who have taken the same journey.

Here are some of the benefits businesses see when moving to Mac


Cost Savings

Yes, we said it, you can save money by using Macs. IBM has been very open about their cost savings since they gave employees the choice of a Mac or a PC. And where were the savings made? In user support - 5% of Mac users vs 40% of PCs users requested help-desk support.


Easy to Deploy

PCs can be complicated to deploy, but it is a process that IT departments are comfortable with. Deploying Macs can be super simple with over-the-air configuration thanks to Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and your MDM solution.


Consistent User Experience

We have found that employees are already using multiple devices to get their job done. If you moved over to Mac, the user experience for your employees would be significantly improved as iOS and macOS are built to work together. Collaboration and innovation can become every day for your employees.

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