You have got the perfect location. You have worked out what products you are going to sell. You have recruited staff. But what about your POS system?

We know that making your business a success is your top priority and that having a handle on your profit and guest experience is central to that. That is why we have created Shop in a BOX, our simple subscription solution that puts information at your fingertips.

From as little as £18 per month you could have everything to get your shop up and running. The great thing is how flexible it can be. We can tailor Shop in a BOX to fit your business requirements for devices and budget.




Gather insights that let you know when to bring on more staff, run promotions, and which items are making your business the most money.



Access reports and analytics from anywhere, anytime with an app.


Save costs

Hardware, software and services can be bundled together to save on the cost.


No old equipment

More productive asset and lifecycle management so you are not left with old equipment.


Warranty cover

Fewer maintenance problems, thanks to newer equipment and warranty cover.


Spread the cost

You can spread the cost of the latest technology over one to three years.


Minimal commitment

Minimal commitment. You decide at the end of your contract to either return or keep the equipment, whichever is more cost- effective.

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