Managing Apple Devices

Apple products are designed to enhance the working environment of all employees, from built in productivity tools to truly mobile devices in the field. Featuring and intuitive platform and an amazing ecosystem of apps, Apple products are the best tools to support every employee.

Whether you have Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV we’ve got a management solution for your small business growing enterprise, Managing Apple Devices.

GBM have been helping businesses manage Apple devices for over 25 years and in partner ship with Jamf we believe this is the perfect time to look into how you manage your devices.

Key Features


Zero-touch Deployment

You can configure any Apple device before the end-user even opens the box either through provisioning or imaging.



Using the native features in Apple’s devices you can ensure no device is open to compromise.


Device Management

You can manage every device enrolled in your Flying Start programme including app management, profile configuration, use policies, scripts etc.

Features of Managing Apple Devices

  • Inventory

    Inventory can be a daunting task, but with Jamf Pro, and its inventory management capabilities, it doesn’t have to be. Collect inventory automatically, organise that information and even export reports. Once you have all the data, you can set up a smart group to help you keep track of all of your inventory, including security compliance, software versions and warranty expiration.

  • User-initiated management

    If you allow employees to bring their own device into work but want to ensure your business and client Data is protected, then this tool enables employees to continue working on their device whilst not putting your business at risk. Through a webpage, allow users to self-enrol their devices into Jamf Pro. This is all done on demand and at the user’s discretion, easing the burden on you.

  • Device Management

    Using Device Management we can utilise an incredibly vast range of management tools and techniques. Go beyond simple troubleshooting and keep devices up to date and secure through a created ‘in-house’ App Store — all while ensuring users have the resources, apps and services they need. Wirelessly deploy Profiles, Policies and Scripts to satisfy all your departments needs.

  • Zero-touch deployment

    It’s never been easier to deploy Apple devices seamlessly into your organisation. Using Apple Business Manager and Jamf you can enrol, provision and manage Apple devices without even having to open the box, giving your employees the full new device experience. Whilst saving IT from time consuming imaging and manual provision.

  • Security

    Using Management software you can reduce risk while preserving a great user experience, our clients want to comply with GDPR whilst safegaurding their employees and business data. Using Jamf you can wirelessly enforce Passwords, Settings compliance, Device encryption and more; protecting your data from vulnerability.

What we do

  • During the audit stage we will monitor how many devices are within the business, whilst checking the models and age. We will also review the network/wifi within the business and other important factors such as the hardware and software in use.

  • To create a management strategy we define the key elements of the deployment, be it security, ease of deployment, ease of employee access to content (or all of the above). We will also define responsibilities for setup and management of the system.

  • Before deploying the software, we ensure that any important data is backed up - also that any necessary changes are made to the network or other systems. We will also check that all devices are available for deployment.

  • ​During the deployment stage, GBM will send a certified Jamf engineer to work with you on what you would like to achieve through deployment, or deploy it independently on your behalf (depending on your preference).

  • ​Once we have deployed the management software, we will continue our support. Offering help when there is an issue within your business, ensuring you become comfortable within your new work environment.

  • ​You can choose to either have technical support provided, meaning that you don’t have to manage the state, as GBM will take case of it for you. Or, if you would prefer, we can provide you with training in order to show you how to manage your Apple estate yourself. Some businesses decide to take both training, and technical support - so that day to day management is in-house, and larger changes are with GBM. Our goal is to make a solution that works for you and your business, so we can tailor support around you.

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