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We know that you need access to the latest technology to help employees work more effectively and efficiently.

However, we understand that funding this technology can be a challenge for some businesses and means you are left with old technologies that are worthless and not-fit-for-purpose after a few years.

Business in a BOX is our subscription service specifically designed for Businesses.

This enables Businesses to get the right solution into the hands of employees without having to worry about depleting budgets or large bills every few years. The best bit is that after 2 or 4 years the devices go back to us and you can start again with the latest devices.

Do you struggle with ageing tech? Then our Business in a BOX service could be right for you. Working together we can enable you to take control of the tech in your business in three easy steps and make sure that money isn’t a barrier to you achieving your vision.

Key Features


Low, Predictable Cost

Bundle everything in under one low cost, including: hardware, software, and professional services.


Full Solution

You can mix and match products and services, to build the perfect package for your business.


Finance Options

Range of finance options available, including subscription, hire-purchase, finance lease

  • 1. Buyback your old tech

    The first step is to assess the technology you currently have. Where your old tech still retains value, we can offer you a buyback price, to help reduce the costs of your subscription. Alternatively, we may be able to give you kit new life by repurposing it within your organisation. If neither of these are an option, we can provide you with a recycling service. For more information about our buyback and recycling services, click here

  • 2. Build your solution

    The first step is to work out what you need. We will work with you to check out the tech in your business. Remember that Business in a BOX can include a wide range of products and services, including: iPad devices, laptops, desktops, trolleys, wifi, servers, hardware, software, AV (projectors/screens), training, installation, ongoing technical support, MDM, and more.

  • 3. Finalise your Package

    Once we have assessed everything, we will create a final package for you, based on your current situation, and your needs moving forward. Once you’ve signed up, you can add additional technology to the agreement at any time. Once the term is up, you can simply return your devices, and refresh to the latest tech.

Case Studies

Calderpeel Architects - Working with iPad Pro
Calderpeel Architects - Working with iPad Pro

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