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Are you looking for an alternative way to reward employees? Starting an employee benefits programme at no cost to your organisation could be the simplest way to reward your employees.

GBM have created a range of fully managed employee benefits programmes, including programmes that require no advanced payments from you and no credit checks for your employees.

GBM handle all the procurement, marketing, financing, logistic and support, so you can give your employees a fantastic benefit that is cost neutral to you. And because our programmes are so popular we can provide flexibility, choice and savings against the high street. Setting up a GBM employee benefits programme is simple. We do it all for you.

Which programme is right for your organisation?

  • Our BuyTech online store is a fantastic way to give employees access to discounts on a great range of high street technology products and services without any direct involvement.


    ✔︎ Store provided at no cost to the company or school
    ✔︎ No HR or payroll involvement
    ✔︎ No administration required
    ✔︎ Continually updated with the latest offers
    ✔︎ Great savings against high street prices

    Some customers offer the Buytech online store instead of a traditional computer benefit as it doesn’t require HR, Payroll or Finance to be involved. Others use it in combination with our other benefits, so that during the closed window the Buytech online store is opened to give employees access to discounts throughout the year.

  • Employees are increasingly expecting their work technology to mirror their personal technology. This is for several reasons but mainly because its familiar to them. If you are thinking about starting a choice scheme in your organisation GBM’s CHOICE programme can offer you great advice, a structured roll-out plan and on-going support so you don’t put a foot wrong. And in case you are wondering what the most popular devices are, they are Apple.

    The prevalence of Apple technology in the home is pushing forward the demand for Apple technology in the workplace. When surveyed 75% of employees would choose a Mac over a Windows operating system.1 Why? Because its easier to use, offers the apps they need and is more secure.1 And the percentage is even higher when looking at mobile devices.

    GBM have been working with Apple for over 20 years and have a stack of accreditations.

    So if you want to put Apple into your choice scheme talk to us.


    ✔︎ Up to 50% saving against the high street
    ✔︎ Reduce business hardware costs
    ✔︎ Employee payroll reductions
    ✔︎ Continually updated with the latest offers
    ✔︎ Flexible deployment platform

  • Setting up a GBM salary sacrifice scheme is simple. We do it all for you, and we can integrate into an existing flexible benefits scheme.

    Benefits for employees

    ✔︎ Savings off high street prices
    ✔︎ NIC savings
    ✔︎ No credit checks
    ✔︎ No upfront payments
    ✔︎ Simple monthly payments, taken directly from salary

    Benefits for employers

    ✔︎ No cost to the business
    ✔︎ Incentivise employees, increase retention and workplace satisfaction rates
    ✔︎ All transactions, contracts and deliveries are managed between GBM and the employee
    ✔︎ You choose who goes on the scheme
    ✔︎ Fully insured scheme
    ✔︎ The scheme is entirely flexible, and you decide who goes on it
    ✔︎ Compliant with HMRC, FCA and consumer legislation
    ✔︎ Real-time online management reporting

  1. P6. Employee Choice Programs. Surveying the prevalence & importance of offering employees technology choice. JAMF. 2016

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