We have over 25 years experience working with Apple technology and have created services and solutions that have delivered lasting change in our clients.

Below are all the services and solutions we offer. You can choose one service or pick and mix; the choice is yours.

Business Services
    • We have been designing and building Apple ecosystems for over 25 years, so understand the importance of getting the foundation right. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, we can offer you a one-stop shop for all things Apple simplifying your procurement process, saving you time and ultimately money. We are also able to source all those 3rd party products that add to the Apple experience, be it additional hardware, specialised software or accessories.

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    • Just like the work environment offers many solutions for the modern worker when it comes to IT, no single solution suits everyone. With this in mind, we offer bespoke consultation every stage of the buying, installation and support process to make sure you get exactly what you want and what you need. Our team of Certified Apple Technical Consultants can design, plan and install your Apple IT solution from the ground up. With vast experience deploying solutions for our existing clients, you can be reassured that your projects will be a success.

      Services we offer are:

      • OS & iOS deployments
      • installation, integration and post-deployment training
      • integration into existing infrastructure
      • expert PC to Mac migration solutions
      • MDM solutions
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    • We specialise in integrating Mac and iPad into existing IT infrastructures and servers. Should you need to run Macs alongside PCs, we can help you create a Proof of Concept that will give you the answers you need. Should you want to run a complete OS X environment, we can build a migration plan that shows you all the steps to get you there. Moving to the Mac will not only bring new efficiencies and tools into your business, but it will also change how your team feels about its work and how your customers view your services. And if you have programmes that are only available on Windows we can build a virtualized Apple environment so employees can access the right tools for the job without needing two computers.

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    • Today’s businesses run on mobile and cloud apps, and WiFi networks are the backbone to support both. Our fast, ultra-reliable network solutions are designed to fit your specific business needs, scale effortlessly as your business grows, and give everyone the speed and control they need to get the job done. We start with a WiFi survey to understand your current network. From there we can advise you on the best solution for the job, we can install this solution and support you moving forward.

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    • For us integrating Apple technology into a Windows environment is run of the mill. Therefore, it won’t surprise you that all our relationship and technical teams have expertise in infrastructure and servers, storage, and backup and recovery. We can also plan to support business continuity and disaster recovery planning, so the business keeps on working while integration projects are running.

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    • As leading experts in Apple and cross-platform integration, we offer a range of flexible support options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer a range of support options so you can design, with our technical team, a package that’s right for you.

      Services we provide are:

      • Apple/Windows Desktops and Laptops
      • Fully Virtualised Environments
      • Servers including Mac, Windows and Linux
      • Backup and Archive to tape, disc or cloud
      • Network Infrastructure including Firewall, Routers and Secure Proxys
      • Desktop Applications Support
      • WiFi and Internet Security
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    • The world of mobile devices is an ever changing array of operating systems and devices, and it’s difficult enough to manage, let alone integrate with your existing systems. But not controlling mobile devices could give you an even worse headache. A clear strategy for MDM is crucial and our team can help you design policy, deploy and manage devices, plan updates, distribute apps and more. As an Apple Authorised Reseller we can also help you get set-up on Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP), for zero-touch device configuration making deployment of institutionally owned devices simple and streamlined.

      Our MDM solutions lets you:

      • manage all the devices in your environment from one iPad
      • configure and track all devices
      • control the software and apps on all devices
      • restrict access to data via pre-VPN sign-up
      • control sharing of files
      • control the time employees have access to certain documents and networks
      • event lock or ultimately wipe devices
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    • An innovative approach to financing can help maximise the value from an investment while giving users access to the latest technology. We have worked with other business leaders to create leasing agreements that offer flexibility reducing their CapEx burden for new equipment.

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    • As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, there is nowhere better to send your Apple technology should you have a problem with it. Our Apple Certified Technicians can fix just about anything and if they can’t (it’s very rare), we will source a replacement for you ASAP. And another great thing is that sending your Apple tech to us won’t invalidate your warranty with Apple but we can also fix it if its out of warranty too.

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    • Improving workforce collaboration, productivity and efficiency in the modern workplace is now something IT teams have to consider. Modern workplace solutions provide secure access to the right business applications and data from any device, anytime and anywhere. For the workforce, it means increased freedom and the ability to carry out their tasks more efficiently. For the IT team, it means facing challenges over security and connectivity. We can create solutions to address these challenges while seeking to realise significant cost savings, the ability to scale quickly, and reduce IT complexity.

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